Friday, 8 March 2013

Review: Dollar Dash (360)

Dollar Dash feels like a decent multiplayer mode for a bigger game, or perhaps a portable $1.99 offering. This doesn't feel like a "full" game worth 800 MS points.

Players take control of a robber and steal money. Thing is, there is competition, so the robbers on the playing field are not working together but instead actively trying to prevent everybody else from getting money. There are traps to be set, shots to fire and more.
What gets me is despite multiple opponents, there is only one getaway vehicle. There's a lack of logic here.

Oh well.

So getting past this drop in logic, there's a solid multiplayer game here. But it's only multiplayer. A variety of levels could easily have been created to formulate a single player game, almost like a puzzle or strategy or perhaps even a tower defense game.

Players need to collect cash and make their way to the vehicle, deposit, and then head back to get more cash. This repeated action is what opens up the combatitive nature of the game, but it doesn't make any sense that different criminals would all use the same place to store their loot.

Character drop some loot when they are hit, allowing others to pick it up and then transport it to the getaway vehicle. Money magically reappears in spots so there's no shortage of running back and forth all around.

We get a decent number of arenas in Dollar Dash, but all are variations on the same thing and don't really change the gameplay much, if at all. The weapons are upgradable, but forcing multiplayer into the equation takes out some of the impact and sense of self-satisfaction of leveling up to overcome an obstacle.

There isn't anything inherently wrong with Dollar Dash. It's just a multiplayer only game that doesn't do a lot different and as a result feels overpriced for what we get.

The Good:
- Some arcade-style multiplayer fun

- Multiplayer only
- Feels overpriced for what we get

Score: 6.0 / 10