Monday, 17 December 2012

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (360)

Amazing Spider-Man's biggest distraction as far as I’m concerned is that during the webslinging exploration parts of the game, the camera is far too close to Spider-Man. I’m sure there were reasons to opt to remain tight with Spider-Man throughout – trying to convey being there? – but it certainly doesn’t feel very good to have my view constantly blocked.

Taking place sometime after the events of the movie of the same name and Batman: Arkham City, Amazing Spider-Man does a fantastic job with the combat and manoeuvring during fisticuffs. Managing large groups of opponents has never felt so good in a Spider-Man game. Or the action quite as fast as it is here. Once you're in a groove it's all so fast and frenetic. Then you get into the open world stuff and the pace slows rights down, thanks to a problem every open-world Spider-Man has long suffered from: lack of things to do.

Quick side missions are quick enough -- more like speed bumps -- but there's little reason to stick with anything in the open world. The web-slinging is straight out of the original cartoon. Clouds, birds, mystery hooks in the sky, it doesn't matter. Spray a web shot and keep going.

The animated series from the 1990's was my last exposure to Spider-Man so that's kind of my touchstone. It's interesting to note that I didn't have any problem understanding the players involved. Alistair Smythe? Spider slayer robots? I'm all over that. Rhino? Bring it! I'm living in 1995 and I'm lovin' it! Didn't see The Amazing Spider-Man and I don't care!

As much of a cool mixture of '90s nostalgia and modern gaming, it doesn't mean that the game is all the memorable. Having the entirety of Manhattan to swing around between inside missions is a technological feat, but it might have done Beenox better to make a smaller, more densely populated environment to explore and experience different story beats.

So, fun while it lasts but I don't think anyone will be revisiting Amazing Spider-Man after a single run through.

- DD Nunavut

The Good:
- Faster combat than Batman: Arkham City
- Looks pretty darn good

The Bad:
- Open world spotted with inconsequence
- Fun ride but not that memorable
- Feels too close to Spider-Man during the open world parts

Score: 7.0 / 10