Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Review: The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead (PC)

If this review was an interpretive dance it would consist solely of a half-dozen biker-types curled in the fetal position screaming for their mamas.

But I'll just slap a "9" on it and put some text under this paragraph.

Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, Long Road Ahead, might be the strongest episode so far. It's jarring, horrifying, and funny, not necessarily in equal measures or in that order.

The choices in Long Road Ahead are often horrifying and events that happen outside of the player's control are equally horrifying, which makes those brief moments of comedy (the best one is near the end) such a relief from the hopelessness that dogs the survivors. The fact the comedic outlet appears soon after I actually wiped away tears of grief speaks volumes as to how affecting the story has been to this point.

From Episode 1 to Episode 3, only three characters I started with are still part of Lee's struggling cadre of survivors. New characters are added to fill the character void but how those voids were created... It's not a "fun" experience in the usual sense, but it certainly is gripping to the point where there's only one thing left to say.


- Aaron Simmer

The Good:
- Some really great storytelling
- Strongest episode so far, especially for puzzles
- Some humour breaks the tension (a little)
- Emotional
- No save game bugs (as far as I can tell)

The Bad:
- Sets the bar incredibly high for the next two episodes
- Weird looping Ground Hog Day bug that tripped me up as the gang piles onto a train headed East

Score: 9.0 / 10