Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blogs: Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect 3 DLC

If you haven't been reading Mr. Nash's blog you probably should because he's gone back to Baldur's Gate and he's writing some lengthy commentary on the game as well as how it compares to modern games in the genre:
So, now my party is along the coast, smacking ogres. I haven't had to be too terribly careful with my pulls here, but it's also important not to be careless. At any rate, it's not a bad place to farm up experience, and hopefully level everyone up a few times. Minsc is getting close, and I really want Dynaheir hitting level four as well. She starting to be kinda useful with her magic now. Full article.
And on Aaron's blog, he goes in search of Leviathan in Mass Effect 3's latest DLC. Not only does that form the story arc behind the DLC, it's also a meta game where the player has to figure out how to actually access that DLC content for Leviathan. Full article.