Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Preview: Dead or Alive 5 (360, PS3)

On the ladder of fighting games, the Dead or Alive series is often lumped in the middle of the pack, and in spite of that, or maybe because of it, it's a series that I'll choose to play over other "tournament level" series like Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. Plus, button mashing can work.

Dead or Alive seems to revel in its spectacle and with each new title finds a different way to wriggle around in a wading pool of jello trying to find some other way to create even more spectacle.

This time out is no different it appears.

Using a "a sensual yet realistic style" to highlight "smooth, lithe muscles [and] emotive facial expressions" along with a "realistic depiction of wet skin, damp hair, and moist, semi-translucent clothing as the match progresses" developer Team Ninja is aiming for something spectacular to watch.

And "semi-transluscent" might as well read as, "Dude, they almost look naked!"

The official line continues that the ladies, which includes Sarah Bryant from Sega's Virtua Fighter series, are "[no] longer content to be eye candy with a deadly kick, the female fighters of Dead or Alive 5 show a whole new level of character and style."

After watching some of the official videos, it certainly looks like all the characters get an upgrade in the looks department, with more costume options to boot (though definitely not as crazy as the Soul Calibur options). And the multi-tiered fighting areas, with "natural" hazards to use/avoid, seem to be accounted for, as are the online and story modes.

Dead or Alive 5 is scheduled for a September 25, 2012 launch.

- Aaron Simmer

E3 2012 Dead or Alive 5 Trailer