Tuesday, 26 June 2012

News: War of the Human Tanks Coming This Fall (PC)

In the past few years, more and more companies have gotten into the act with bringing localized versions of Japanese indie games to the West.  Rockin' Android, Carpe Fulgur, NyuMedia, and now we get to add Fruitbat Factory to the list, as they will be bringing the rather cute-looking War of the Human Tanks to the PC in the Fall.

The game looks like a cross between Lucky Star and Soranowoto, as players take their human tanks into battle fighting for either the Kingdom of Japon or the Empire of Japon.  In the game, the outcome of each battle will impact how the next one plays out, as well as where the story goes.  Details are sparse in terms of combat, but the game doesn't seem to be lacking for hex grids, so the screenshots do imply some traditional turn based system may be in the game.  In any case, I guess well find out later this year when the game is released.