Wednesday, 13 June 2012

E3 2012: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Hands-On (PS3)

Sly Cooper received the full HD treatment last year with the release of the Sly Collection on Playstation 3, which featured all of the original Playstation 2 titles in one package. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is the first original title in the series for the PS3. I was a big fan of the series on the PS2 and was eager to get my hands on the demo at E3.

The demo shown off featured two levels. The first mission saw Sly take on the role of an archer in a carnival themed map. As an Archer, Sly must shoot arrows at targets to get across gaps in the level. The level consisted of all the jumping and sneaking moves seen in past games of the series.

The second level was a pure stealth based mission where Sly had to steal kitchen knives from unsuspecting guards. If Sly was spotted then he failed the mission. The second mission was fairly straight forward and did not present much of a challenge.

Visually, Thieves in Time didn't look all that impressive to me. There are so many platformers currently out there that look a lot better than Thieves in Time.

Thieves in Time played very similar to past titles the series, which left me a little disappointed. Overall the gameplay and graphics felt a bit dated to me.

- Siddharth Masand