Wednesday, 13 June 2012

E3 2012: NBA Ballers Beats Xbox 360 Kinect Hands-On

NBA Ballers Beats is the first basketball game for the Kinect. Using your body and a real basketball, the game requires players to dribble and do different moves to the beat of music. The game will ship with an official NBA basketball (no price point was mentioned at E3). There are more than 30 licensed tracks in the game spanning genres from hip hop to classic rock. Each of the games songs can be played on multiple difficulties.

The game looks similar in some respects to Guitar Hero and Rock Band whereby motion icons come down a track and you must time your moves accordingly. The game scores you on how well you keep to the rhythm of the song and how accurate you were in doing the right moves.

When you're watching others play, Baller Beats looks simple, but it's a whole different story when you try it yourself.

I played along to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and it took some time to get used to playing along to the music. After a few minutes you start to get the hang of things and the game isn't only a blast to play, but it's a great workout. After only one song I broke out into a sweat and was left wanting more. The Kinect picked up all the moves nicely and takes photos of you playing, which you can share with friends through social media.

With enough practice I wouldn't be surprised NBA Baller Beats could improve your basketball skills. My only concern is that for people like myself who live in apartments this game probably won't be practical since my neighbors below me would not appreciate the noise. It was interesting to note that the trailer looks like it took place in an apartment. I wonder what the neighbors down below thought of that?

NBA Baller Beats ships exclusively for the Xbox Kinect this fall.

- Siddharth Masand