We don't really have a formal structure for the staff these days.  There was a time when we thought it was necessary, but now it's more of a "Omni and Mr. Nash are the founders here, and they have some other snazzy folk who are also kind enough to contribute when they have time" sort of thing.  For business relations and folks in PR that need to get in touch with us, Omni is the man to talk to.  It doesn't hurt to CC stuff to Mr. Nash, but he's notoriously aloof and grumpy, so make sure you send him cookies or ice cream as a peace offering before proceeding.

Aaron "Omni" Simmer (Founder / Head Honcho)
Email Contact: omni [at]

You can also check out Omni's personal blog right here!

Mr. Nash (Founder / Big Kahuna)
Email Contact: mrnash [at]

Syd Bolton
Syd Bolton surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games as Canada’s top video game collector at the Personal Computer Museum ( in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Lee Cieniawa
Email Contact: lee [at]

Axel Cushing
Email Contact: axel [at]

Siddharth Masand
Email Contact: sidd [at]

Mike Siewert
Email Contact: tazman [at]

Scott Sullivan

Jason Tonello
Email Contact: jtonello [at]

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