Thursday, 16 May 2013

Preview: Saints Row IV (360, PC, PS3)

Saints Row IV is setting itself up as one of those games that will feature a launch trailer that is neatly diced by one-off quotes from previews divorced of context and box art that will have at least two quotes on the back saying lines like:
"Saints Row IV is like Prototype 2 with a sense of humour!"
"Taking ridiculousness to astounding new levels!"
"A pimped-out sandbox world!"
"Super orgasmic!"
"The action is never flaccid!"
"Juvenile? 100%"
"Volition's got your stimulus package right here!"
And so on.

From the videos, screens, and information released about Saints Row IV, it would appear that Saints Row III is getting an overhaul to include more than a handful of over-the-top super-powered experiences.

In a world that's being invaded by aliens and the Saints make up the federal government, why not throw in super powers (even if they are imbued via a Matrix-like version of Steelport)? Take ridiculousness to astounding new levels! Super speed, the ability to freeze people and objects, super jumping and gliding, the chance to dive bomb targets, utilize telekenis to toss items around... sure, that all sounds good. Throw in some new weapons and vehicles, and a spurt of juvenile nonsense, and you've got yourself a deal.

Saints Row IV is scheduled to hit retail on August 20, 2013 in North America (and August 23, 2013 in Europe).

- Aaron Simmer