Wednesday, 8 May 2013

News: More Problems with Diablo III's Auction House

FIghting a siegebreaker
After hammering away on the latest patch for Diablo III, it looks like Blizzard is still having trouble with the game. A bug has made it past testing and into the live game whereby people who make an auction to sell some gold will be refunded double what they were actually trying to sell should they cancel the auction. Oops! Auctions have been shut down until Blizzard is able to sort out the mess, and it sounds like there won't be too many rollbacks to cancel out all of the gold that has been given out because of the bug. The only exception appears to be for people who really tried hard to exploit the bug. Almost a year on, and still the auction house that meant so much to Activision and Blizzard continues having problems.