Sunday, 6 January 2013

News: Indie Dev Tools Getting Kickstarted

Indie tool developer GarageGames recently announced their first Kickstarter campaign for their new development package, the 3 Step Studio.  Those who are familiar with GarageGames have recently benefited from the open source licensing of the company's signature Torque engine, and now the company looks to spread some more love with this newest toolset, which they seemingly intend to release for free.

In other news, another set of indie tool developers, Heavy Water, has started their first Kickstarter for a suite titled Axis Game Factory.  Based off the Unity engine, the team is promising a full featured creation suite for game developers, machinima production houses and directors, or anybody who wants to build a world from their imagination.  No word on whether this is going to be released as a freebie like 3 Step or a paid product.