Tuesday, 1 January 2013

News: "Gaming Enthusiast Press Awards" Launches

 “Gaming Enthusiast Press Awards”
Seeks to Recognize Exceptional Game Industry Writing

Vancouver, BC – January 1, 2013 –  The Armchair Empire is pleased to announce the official launch of the Gaming Enthusiast Press Awards (http://www.gepressawards.com/), which seeks to draw attention to exceptional writing about video games and the game industry.

“Over the last year it has become readily apparent that the gaming enthusiast press is often viewed as a half-step removed from the game publishers’ PR and Marketing departments, especially when it comes to game reviews,” Aaron Simmer, head writer and co-founder of the Armchair Empire noted. “There are talented writers out there – some of them writing features for major publications and websites, others toiling on their blogs for the pure enjoyment of it – and there’s not nearly enough recognition of those writers.”

The principle drive behind GEPA is to showcase stories that make the reader think, interviews that dig up interesting facts, and reviews that inform and entertain. GEPA also wants to spotlight podcasts and video features that focus on the game industry.

Throughout 2013, articles featured on the GEPA blog will be considered for awards at the close of the year when nominations and voting occurs. The nomination and voting process will be completed by an Editorial Board. Members of the Editorial Board will remain unknown to one another, in order to prevent any unintentional influence on another’s decisions.

The ad-free GEPA blog is located at http://www.gepressawards.com/, where a suggested list of worthwhile reading can be found.

Anyone can submit stories they feel are noteworthy to gepressawards@gmail.com.

About GEPA: The Gaming Enthusiast Press Awards’ stated goal is to discover, publicize, showcase, and recognize excellent writing that focuses on the games industry.

About Aaron Simmer – Aaron Simmer co-founded the video game enthusiast website The Armchair Empire (http://www.armchairempire.com) with Jeff Nash in 2000. The Armchair Empire entered its next stage of evolution in 2012 with The Armchair Empire – INFINITE. In 2009 he successfully organized and coordinated a GFW Radio Reunion panel at Penny Arcade Expo.