Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hardware: Skullcandy PLYR2 Wireless Headphones

Why didn't I jump on the wireless headset bandwagon before now?

It’s a question I keep coming back to over the last few weeks. Skullcandy sent over a review unit of their wireless PLYR2 stereo headset and after hooking up the transmitter (simple, all necessary cables are included), charging the headset (simple, relatively quick), and sitting down to a play session of Sleeping Dogs and watching an episode of “Murder, She Wrote,” I can’t help but conclude that there’s no turning back from the simplicity wireless offers.

There easy to set "EQ Equalizer Modes"
on the left cup for games, movies, and
music. The knob is the volume
control. The mini-USB jack is used for
Convenience and flexibility are probably the unit’s most important features. The sound is good, especially the bass, and the ease of use of the nub-like controller for sound levels is handy; and the extremely flexible mic hooked on the left ear cup transmits clearly. The fact the Skullcandy PLYR2 transmitter comes equipped with a 3.5mm standard jack means that it’s easy to plug it into pretty much anything with a headphone jack. Radio, phone, MP3 player, whatever. As long as the USB transmitter is getting power, anything’s possible.

Because of my setup at home, I find that I’m using the PLYR2’s all the time because they allow me to listen to podcasts, the radio, whatever's on TV, etc. without cable interference. This is supremely handy when washing the dishes or folding laundry or rocking the baby trying to get him back to sleep or dancing naked to loud music without disturbing the neighbors. There’s no danger of “cable snag.”

I’m also happy with the range of the transmitter. Within a radius of 30’ seems ideal. After leaving the area the audio starts to pop and fade in and out. This means I could wander the house doing chores without being disconnected. With an estimated battery life of 15 hours before a re-charge, that’s a lot of chores.

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! The boom mic really pivots! And
the ear cups are extremely comfortable and breath pretty well.
No issues with "sweat ear."
The unit is comfortable and relatively light. I actually expected them to be heavier – they just look heavy – and anticipated discomfort after long sessions. That’s not the case and without the constant reminder of a cord, it’s easy to forget I’m wearing them.

Based on convenience and the sound you get, the Skullcandy PLYR2’s gets high marks. Though I'm sure there are audiophiles out there that would consider it blasphemy to think of stereo sound as “good enough,” the audio is good enough for me and for $99.99CAN it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a solid wireless headset.

- Aaron Simmer