Sunday, 23 December 2012

News: Black Isle Returns; Gamers Suspect Scam

Old school gamers have likely noticed that Black Isle Studios has seemingly returned from beyond the corporate grave.  Like other developers who were part of Interplay have done in the recent past, Black Isle is announcing a new title and turning to the community for help.  However, the fine details suggest that this is not quite like the Kickstarter campaigns successfully funded by Obsidian and inExile.

For one thing, Black Isle is not using Kickstarter.  Rather it is using a funding site called Invested.In, which appears to draw the money immediately from the contributor's account and place it into escrow rather than the 30 day delay that Kickstarter uses.

Further, unlike the incredibly generous contribution returns laid out in Obsidian's Kickstarter, it seems that the most you get for your money here is access to their forum and a forum badge.  That's it.  No word on if those pledges would later be upgraded or not.

The comments left on Black Isle's site seem to indicate a feeling that things are not being conducted with any degree of transparency or even honesty on the part of the "new" Black Isle.  More on this story as it develops.