Saturday, 24 November 2012

Review: Darksiders II (PS3)

Hard to believe that the first Darksiders was released back in 2010. Inspired by games such as God of War and Zelda, the original Darksiders was met with much praise and acclaim. Often times sequels tend to fall short as they feel more like expansion packs than a full flushed out game. Which one is Darksiders II? A full-on sequel or an expansion?

Darksiders II story parallels that of the first game. The story focuses on Death's side of the tale. Death's brother War, has been charged with committing a crime and it's your job to prove your brother's innocence

Darksiders II plays like a lot other action adventure games such as God of War and Prince of Persia. You hack and slash enemies, run along walls, solve puzzles and make your way from one obstacle to the next. The boss battles are epic in nature: the bosses you'll face tower over Death, setting the scene for something that looks like it was ripped from God of War.

Matching the epic-sized bosses, is the world in which Darksiders II takes place. Darksiders II does its best to strike a balance between battles and exploration. You can fast travel to points you've already visited in the world, cutting down on travel time. Some may get frustrated by the fact that there can be long lulls between battling groups of enemies as you can spend so much time exploring the game's environments looking for hidden items.

You can easily spend 30 plus hours in the game's campaign. In this day and age, it feels like less emphasis has been placed on the narrative portion of the game and instead everything is about multiplayer. I've always preferred single player over multiplayer and Darksiders II attitude towards creating a fantastic single player experience is a breath of fresh air.

I've always hated puzzles in action adventure games. I tend to roll my eyes when I stumble upon them. Darksiders II features a fair amount of puzzles. While the puzzles do not vary much from one point to the next, it's nice as there's no surprises. If you enjoy the puzzle aspect of action adventure games you may get annoyed with the amount repetitive puzzles.

The presentation in the game is top notch. Everything from the eclectic score to the voice acting sounds terrific. You really feel like you are connecting emotionally with the game's characters and setting. The game's visuals at time can sometimes hamper the overall experience. There are occasions of framerate issues during the game's campaign.

Darksiders II is an extremely deep and well balanced game. While Darksiders II may not appeal to everyone, its certainly going to please those looking for a deep and enjoyable action adventure title.

- Sidd Masand

The Good:
- Deep adventure
- Loads of upgrades/customization
- Epic boss battles
- Top notch presentation

The Bad:
- Newcomers may feel overwhelmed with the amount of options/customization
- Can be long lulls between battles

Score: 8.5 / 10