Tuesday, 18 September 2012

News: BioWare Founders Retire

One of the great success stories in the video games industry has been BioWare, and when talking about BioWare, one is inevitably going to have to mention the two men who've been for all practical purposes the physical embodiment of the company, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk.

Today, the two doctors from Edmonton who brought their favorite Dungeons & Dragons campaign to life with Baldur's Gate have announced on the BioWare web site that they are retiring from the company.  Dr. Muzyka stated in his farewell blog post that he'll be going into the social impact investment field.  Meanwhile, Dr. Zeschuk has outlined plans for a web interview series relating to craft beer and its brewers. An announcement from General Manager of BioWare Edmonton Aaron Flynn is also up, detailing the official response from within the company.

Thanks for everything you've done, gentlemen.  We won't forget it.

Ray Muzyka's Announcement
Greg Zeschuk's Announcement