Monday, 4 June 2012

News: Zeno Clash 2 Coming in 2013

I quite enjoyed Zeno Clash when it came out, as it was a very unusual, surreal experience with its strange world and characters, not to mention its one of the few first person action brawlers to come out in recent years. Learning that the game is now getting a sequel definitely comes as a pleasant surprise, as Ace Team has announced that indeed a Zeno Clash 2 is in the works.

So far, we know the game will feature both Father-Mother and Ghat, but this time around it looks like Zeno Clash 2 will feature an open world to explore. This nice to hear as the strange surreal-ness of the original game always begged for such a game world, but instead went for fairly small, linear areas that players could wander around in.  The game is currently slated for a 2013 release.